Want to sell our products online without investing money on inventory?

Our Drop Shipping is the perfect solution for you! 

How does it work?


If you already have a website, register your business at our wholesale website, www.wholesaleromanticdecor.com 

Simple Steps to get started:

1.) Once you make a sale/sales from your website, log in to our private Drop Ship Catalog website and start shopping for your customers.  Shop for one customer at a time, then check out, before shopping for the next one.

3.) Make sure to enter your information (billing) and your customer's information (ship to) on the forms provided at check out. The system is automated. You will get an email confirmation and tracking information every time. 

4.) Once your transactions are completed, we will ship the items to your customer/s within 3-5 business days if in stock, or 7-15 business days if we need to make them. That's it! You will also get a tracking number when your items are ready to ship! Please note, production time is different from shipping time. Shipping may take an additional 3 to 7 days after production.